blue wahoo snowgirl

The Blue Wahoo Vision:


Welcome to the world of Blue Wahoo a group of friends with a love of the ocean and snow sports set out to create a brand reflecting their lifestyle and ideals.

Blue Wahoo continues to symbolise the freedom of life’s adventures.

How are we going to do it?
  • Pursue our goals in an ethical and environmentally manner
  • Create purposeful affiliations in the local community and with grassroots sports
  • Continue to take inspiration from our passions of extreme sports and it’s culture
  • Recognising that profitability is not the only key to our success
  • Provide continued excellent and efficient customer service
  • Keep having fun by loving what we do!

Inspire new and existing consumers by creating a sense of lifestyle through aspirations and fashion, offer innovative ideas great designs and use unique fabrics to produce quality garments

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