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Brave the Unknown - Winter Surfing


Winter surfing offers peace from summer’s over-crowded beaches, you’ve got a sizeable break to learn the ropes and it’s a great way to meet your authentic local surfing community.

Many local surfers look forward to the quieter months when the tourists have left and the beaches are reclaimed, making the most of the larger swell on sheltered breaks. Temperature is the huge pitfall of cold season surfing but it’s a problem that can be solved with a decent winter wetsuit, hood, boots and gloves.

Finding out which breaks to surf is the first step, the larger swell means many will only be suitable for the intermediate to advanced surfer and a beginner will struggle to get on with the conditions. Again, speak to the locals or if you’re at uni seek out your surf club and get their advice. If considering starting or want to look into competitive surfing, the British Surfing Association is a fountain of knowledge . The group support and approve the best surf schools there are across the country as well as provide information to all UK surf events. .
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Codes of conduct:

  • Have consideration for other beach and water users
  • Never surf alone or immediately after eating a meal
  • Always wear a wetsuit when surfing in Britain
  • When possible use a lifeguard patrolled beach
  • When paddling out avoid surfers who are riding waves
  • When taking a wave see that you are clear of other surfers
  • Be environmentally friendly

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