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Roisin McNeil

Annalisa Dovey kitesurfing action shot


Tell us a bit about yourself ?

Most people call me Roshy and have been living and breathing the Alps for the past 3 years.
Living in the Alps, there is never a dull moment! To make ends meet I have been teaching skiing, organising events including the “Verbier Ride” and most exactingly designing and making bespoke beanies and headbands.
This all came about as I broke my leg at “The Brits”, a British freestyle event at the beginning of the season, 3 years ago. The option was to either go home or find a way of staying in the mountains. This sparked off the crochet bonanza to the point that now many freestyle and freeride skiers and snow boarders wear “The Roshy beanies”

Ski or Board ?


Park or Piste ?


Coolest resort ?

So hard!!! Verbier, Chamonix, Tignes

Denim or Cord ?

Love both. Gotta be in the mood for cord, but with the right accessories looks great.

Coffee or Tea?

Can't beat a lush Italian espresso

Item of clothing ?

Puffa jacket

French or Swiss ?

Can't decide - to much of a tough question

French or Saunders ?


Morning or Afternoon?

I should say morning, but I love a good lie in so I'll have to say afternoon.

Do you get scared and how do you deal with it?

Breathing and visualisation are the only ways I cope. Of course I get scared, you wouldn't be human if you didn't. That's why people do this sport to get the adrenaline buzz.

Do you do any specific training?

Weights at the gym and lots of training on the hill

What's the future ?

Who knows!!! That's the most exciting thing!


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