Annalisa Dovey

  • Rides: Flexifoil Strike 2’s, Cyclone 120 pro tech
  • Sponsors: Blue Wahoo, Turbulence, Flexifoil, Cyclone, Dirty Dog
Annalisa Dovey kitesurfing action shot

Annalisa’s been kitesurfing for 2 ½ years and is currently competing within the BKSA 2005 events.

How would you like to see the sport evolve?

I think the sport is in a pretty good place at the moment – It’s evolving fast enough to keep it going but not so fast that it gets out of control. Obviously I’d like to see loads more people taking it up, so long as it’s done safely – properly regulated and all that. I’d also love to see more people getting involved at events - they’re such a great way to meet people, learn stuff and just to chill out.

Trips this year?

I’ve been to Fuerteventura, which was great and I’m planning on visiting Ireland and maybe Belize over the winter but where I’ll end up will probably depend on wind stats and what last minute flights are available. I’m still at uni and struggle to jet off all over the place so I’ve been making the effort to visit loads of different spots around England too.

Ambitions for the future?

I’m pretty laid back about the future so don’t have any real money-motivated aims, I just live to avoid getting stuck inside when its windy, getting out in the water as much as possible and I definitely plan on always arranging my life so I can be beside the beach.

What is it about kitesurfing that gives you such a buzz?

That’s easy - everything! Whether I’m learning new stuff or competing, trying to survive in extreme conditions or just relaxing cruising about, I always come back totally psyched and on a complete adrenaline high. That’s the great thing about kitesurfing, no matter what’s going on, it’s always hugely exciting and fun!

What’s the best kitesurfing experience you’ve had?

Thats hard there’s sooooo many. I guess it’s got to be at my beach (Brancaster) because it just rules, especially when it’s sunny. so I suppose, if I were forced to choose a favourite experience it would be last year, when there was no wind forecast at all but about 3ish the wind suddenly pumped in and a couple of the guys and I rocked up on the off-chance and it turned into the cheekiest little session ever with butter flat water in the lagoon and some rolling swell further out. We were ripping it till sunset. The best thing about this sesh was how unexpected it was, and how few people were there - it made it a really cool shared experience.

And the worst?

In terms of scary experiences, it would have to be in Cabarete, (awesome place to kite though), I had totally bailed and ended up having to do a deep water pack down and swim in with the kite. I’m a huge scaredy cat, so the thought of sharks was already getting to me, but I made it to the shore quite quickly, using my kite as a sail, when all of a sudden I hit the rather vicious shore dump. I got picked up and dumped in the centre of the kite, which then rolled itself around me. I was underwater, being rolled around by the shore dump, completely trapped inside my kite, which was really heavy due to all the water in it. I just held my breath for as long as possible and fortunately, the waves rolled me up the beach and I was able to struggle to freedom (thank god for the guys on the beach who helped pull the kite off me!). I have to admit to a little bit of panic at one point though!


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