Roisin Mcneil Blue Wahoo

Will Glenn

will glen blue wahoo rider

Tell us a bit about yourself ?

I am 16
Born 23/05/91
De La Salle College Jersey
Studying A Levels (English, Psychology, Sociology)
Sponsors- Blue Wahoo, Channel Hotels, Juice Plus
I have travelled to Hossegor in south of France 3 times this year I have been on three surf trips to England and am going to Salt lake city in America for three weeks snowboarding for Christmas.

How long have you been surfing?

Since 2002


Beaver/ Glenn boy

Where is home?

Jersey, Watersplash

Favourite break?

La Piste, Hossegor France

Coolest the world !

Bob Marley and the Whalers

Way to beat the crowds ?

Ehh either grab a long board and sit right out, or go for a dawny before work/school !

Glory day ?

Taking the title off “U18 British Schools Long board Champ 07”

Party I went to recently ?

Xmas Long board Meal, at the rugby club, a night to remember.

Long or Short?

Mostly short board, but compete in all the long board comps, but I want to start long boarding more.

Perfect Board?

Would have to be Kelly’s Simon Anderson, And I haven’t yet found my perfect board.

Wahines in tow?

Yes if this means girlfriend, her name is Tamzin.

Denim or Combat?

Would have to be Jeans

Coffee or Tea?

Tea with 2 sugars now u mention it please

Item of clothing?

Apart from Wetsuit, would have to be a nice warm hoodie.

Biarritz or Fistral ?

No debate, Biarritz

Snapper or teahupoo?

Well to be honest I prefer back dooring teahupoo, but like taking off on the rocks at snapper, only jokin eh love watchin wipe outs at teahupoo !!!!


Mum nd Dad Kelly Donavon Tom Curren

Morning or afternoon?

Love getting up early on a sunny day and beating the crowds to the beach

Do you get scared and how do you deal with it?

When its big I do sometimes get scared but I just try to relax and either sing a song in my head, or count slowly especially when you wipe out.

Do you do any specific training?

Pool work to practice holding breath etc gym and circuit training to increase explosive fitness and endurance.

Kaisers/Killers or Keane?

Don’t like keane,, killers go better with surf films, but over all prefer Kaisers

Other extreme sports?: snowboarding,kitesurfing,freestyle ski?


What’s the future?

BPSA Surf tour BLU long board tour Go travelling world wide in 2009/10


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