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Carl Morgan


Tell us a bit about yourself ?

25 year old welshman, who loves surfing, travelling and big waves! I started surfing when I was 13, at a break called Aberavon in South Wales, it’s a great wave, powerful, and offers lefts and rights! Done a lot of travelling the last 2 half years, from Bali, to California, and some spots in Europe. Im sponcered by BLUE WAHOO, and recently landed 2 new deals with,, and DNA energy drinks

How long have you been surfing?

12 years


Chop or Chopper

Where is home?

Aberavon, South Wales

Favourite break?

Killer Point Morocco and Swamis California

Coolest the world !

Has to be BLUE WAHOO!!!

Way to beat the crowds ?

Go to my local secret spot, sssshhhhh!

Glory day ?

Surfing In Bali At A Break Called Padang Padang 12 – 15ft, was a good day, had all the glory, and the shakes, ha ha!!!

Party I went to recently ?

My mates 21st

Long or Short?


Perfect Board?

My 6ft Pukas shaped by Peter Daniels (Russ Winter model)

Wahines in tow?


Coffee or Tea?

Coffee, energy BOOST!!!!

Item of clothing?


Biarritz or Fistral ?


Snapper or teahupoo?



Kelly Slater, Tom Curran, Clay Marzo, and The Irons Brothers

Morning or afternoon?

Both, Morning and afternoon surf!!!

Do you get scared and how do you deal with it?

Yep, when its big surf. Everybody gets scared, if they said they didn’t they be a lier. But I think it’s the fear that motivates you to go harder, and to see how far you can go. If you don’t go, you could miss out on the ride of your life, I always think that. Im also really lucky to have a bunch of great friends too, we all look out for each other, big shout out to my locals at Aberavon!!!

Do you do any specific training?

Yep, Kickboxing 3 times a week, and surfing as much as possible! Keeps me fit and health for my hours and hours surf sessions!

Kaisers/Killers or Keane?

All 3

Other extreme sports?: snowboarding,kitesurfing,freestyle ski?

Kickboxing, and skateboarding

What’s the future?

Hmmmmmm, Just have fun surfing, and travelling with my friends, but who knows what the future will bring? Loved to follow the WCT around the world, and surf the same spots as, and with the pros. But im off to the South Atolls in the Maldives in 3 months for 18 days living and surfing off a boat! Cant wait!!!!!!


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